• word of the year

    Choosing a Word of the Year

    It’s finally here! The end of the year 2020! The world seems to be breathing a collective sigh of relief as we prepare to say a much anticipated goodbye to this year. As a result, we are all facing 2021 with hope and optimism for a better year. I think we can all agree that it is time for a change – a new year, a clean slate, a fresh start. Since the world has faced a pandemic with lockdowns and quarantines, sickness and death, we have all had our fill of face masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. On top of all that we have faced our own personal…

  • Devotional

    Making Hard Decisions (Joseph’s Story)

    Decisions! Life is all about making them. Should I eat a bowl of cereal or scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast? Should I wear the green sweater or the red sweater to the church Christmas party? What kind of meat do I want on my sandwich for lunch? Should I paint that bedroom gray or tan? Would it be better to fix this clothes dryer or buy a new one? Should I buy a car or a van? Maybe I will quit my job and look for a new one, or should I keep plugging away at this one? Should I keep investing in this friendship or walk away? Do…

  • Devotional

    Keeping Christ in Christmas

    A Different Holiday Season December is here, which means we are full swing into the Christmas season. We desire to keep Christ in Christmas, but all the busyness of the season is upon us and we tend to lose sight of our purpose. We have looked forward to Christmas all year, except that Christmas looks different this year – 2020 – the year of covid, lockdowns, and quarantines. Christmas just looks different altogether for my family this year. We just moved into a new house and are still trying to settle in. We attend a new church without all the responsibilities of ministry. My husband works long night shifts and…