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Favorite Homemade Pizza

We love to make our own homemade pizza. Besides tasting delicious, it allows us to work together in the kitchen as a family. Sometimes we make a couple large pizzas, but other times we prefer to make individual ones.

We have enjoyed making individual pizzas for family gatherings, birthday parties, and just ordinary days when we are all home. Some just want to throw their pizzas together quickly so they can eat, while others work carefully and view their creation as a work of art. Yet there is no doubt that everyone is satisfied when they can customize their own pizza with their favorite toppings.

The key to a good pizza is to start with a good crust. We like to use this simple no yeast pizza crust. It is easy to make, simple to roll out, and does not require any rising time. I put the few simple ingredients into my stand mixer, attach the dough hook, and within seconds the dough is ready to be rolled into pizza crust.

Simply roll out your crust, add your favorite pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, and add your favorite toppings. For a fun and delicious variation, try folding string cheese into the crust for a simple stuffed crust pizza.

Here are some of our favorite toppings:

  1. Pepperoni
  2. Sausage
  3. Bacon
  4. Onions
  5. Mushrooms
  6. Green olives
  7. Black olives
  8. Banana Peppers

Homemade pizza is versatile in that you can be creative in making some non-traditional pizzas as well. We have enjoyed homemade versions of our favorite restaurant pizzas. Here are a few of our favorites that we have made using the same crust.

Homemade Spinach Pizza

Spread store bought alfredo sauce on the crust, sprinkle with shredded mozzarella cheese, and top with frozen spinach.

BBQ Chicken

Spread your favorite bbq sauce on the crust, sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, then top with shredded chicken and thinly sliced onion.

Dessert Pizza

This is one we have not tried, but I think we will in the near future. Roll out pizza crust and cover with your favorite pie filling, sprinkle with a crumb topping and bake. Remove from oven and drizzle with a thin powdered sugar frosting.

I hope this simple post will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen. Gather your family together and have some fun!

Wife, mom, grandma, and country girl. I am living by faith and encouraging others to do the same. I integrate faith, family and country living.

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  • Rhonda

    We love making pizza. We never get the order wrong and it’s never cold. We like everything you named too! I started cooking the sausage and adding over toppings mostly together with tomato sauce and then “shoveling” it all on the crust before topping with cheeses and pepperoni guess on top.
    Chicken bacon Ranch with Pineapple or Parmesan is done a little differently. 😁
    I think a church pizza party is in order! 🥳

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